blAs an Astrophysics student and the co-owner/designer of Banoo by MeSa, I have allowed myself to take a leap from the arts into the sciences. My journey in Astronomy started at the York University Observatory where I realized that I want to contribute more to the science community. I am currently doing research and public outreach through the University.  I run the facebook outreach page “Astronomy – the Art of Physics” and when given the opportunity I co-host and do social media (@YorkUniverse) for the York Universe radio show. I have recently become a NASA Social alumni and tweet through @JenZomederis (Formerly known as @Law_Of_Gravity). I also tweet as @trulyyoursMeSa (personal) @BanooByMeSa (Fashion) @ArtOfPhysics  and @YorkObservatory @STS_Canada.


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