The winner of the “Creative Writing meets Interstellar Space” contest is Possibilities By Laura Austin


Beyond our Galaxy
Farther than the eye can see,
But the mind can travel there
To an untouched, infinite, black void.

Glittering stars sandwich this place,
Of interstellar space
Where mighty systems may exist;
Among the unknown suns, stars and vastness.

Looking up on a cloudless sky
Questions abound: what, where and why?
Exceeding our realm of stars,
An interstellar race.

Cosmic colonies to behold
Our small existence in a galaxy so old.
A frontier of science fiction in progress.
Celestial adventures within our grasp.

Earthling curiosity wants to travel,
Measureless distance to unravel.
The mystery of unexplored territory.
The space between the stars.

By Laura Austin

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