Capture Science in Action!!

York University has been doing Science for 50 years! In order to commemorate this achievement, the Faculty of Science is hosting a photo contest.

Capture the images from the wonder of a chemical process to the laws of physics, from cells under a microscope to graphical representation of a mathematical concept or equation, or anything else that explores and celebrates the beauty of Science all around us. The image submitted must belong to either one of the two categories: real (photographically acquired image) or virtual (computer-generated image).

Everyone is invited to celebrate Science@50 with us by submitting an image capturing Science in action. All successfully submitted images will get air time on #YUSci50 social media outlets, and will be nominated for a chance to win one of two Dell Venue 7 tablet and a ticket to the Science@50 Gala, held on May 1st 2015

Contest details:
– Submissions via email to:
– Submission deadline April 1st, 2015
– Winner will be announced at the Gala (May 1st 2015)

More details:

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